Dresser Bench

Dresser Bench Before
Dresser Bench Before

We found this dresser outside at Pickers on Kingwood Pike, with significant water damage on the veneer as well as some structural issues in the back.  It sat in storage for a few months, before we finished other projects, and then we pulled it out of the garage.  Many of our friends on Facebook have posted other dressers turned into benches, and this piece seemed particularly suited.

Dresser Bench During
Dresser Bench During

After reinforcing some critical areas, we were able to remove the veneer from the top, and cut it to fit to be reused as the bench seat.  We added a top rail with a routered detail to match the existing vertical posts.

Dresser Bench After
Dresser Bench After

Now it’s all painted and waxed to live a new life in a nice mudroom!

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  1. This looks like a great use for the beat up dresser, and I love the color you painted the bench. I can always use a bench somewhere.. 🙂

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